GA Community Defeats Latest Airline Attempt to Control ATC

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The General aviation community once again contacted Congress in record numbers to let elected officials know that any attempt by the big airlines to gain control of our nation’s air traffic control (ATC) system is simply unacceptable. Those efforts were successful and a dangerous amendment to the House FAA reauthorization bill that would have created an airline-dominated board to oversee the ATC system was removed. In addition, airline supported provisions to move the ATC system out of FAA to the Department of Transportation were also removed from the bill.

While the FAA bill going to the House floor this week is not perfect, we want to see it passed, as a long-term reauthorization is critical to advancing our shared priorities. Now we have a bipartisan bill that will modernize, not privatize ATC, and we are grateful for the hard work of members of Congress, and their willingness to listen to constituent concerns.

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